Gombe, Jewel of the Savannah

Gombe, Jewel of the Savannah

Jewel of the Savannah Gombe state, the Jewel of the Savannah, was carved out of the old Bauchi State on 1st October 1996. This was created by the former Head of State and Commander in Chief of Armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Late General Sani Abacha (GCFR). Gombe is located at the

Magic Touch: Wati and Danladi

Magic Touch: Wati and Danladi The Groom Magic Touch: Wati and Danladi. Danladi Fitto Buba (Danladi), the groom is from Bauchi state where He attended Iliya Adamu primary school and St Maria private school. He further went to Army Day Secondary School Sani Abacha Barracks, Abuja and Bayero University Kano. Danladi, just like Wati, told
A Match Made in Heaven: Wati and Danladi Wati and Danladi are not only a match made by friends but a match made in Heaven. Their connection, friendship and love is one that can be felt from miles away and luckily, the couple was excited to share their love story with us.   The Bride

Abbas and Anisa’s Muslim wedding

Abbas and Anisa’s Muslim wedding The Muslim Wedding of Abbas and Anisa was a two days event, which held on the 29TH and 30TH July 2018, in Kano state, Nigeria. It commenced with the Nikah/Daurin Aure as the Hausa people call it. The Daurin aure was done in the Mosque with the Imam; who consummated the
Hawan Angonci Groom Mount
Hausa -Fulani Hawan Angonci – Groom Mount This is an extract from Buhari and Hauwa’s wedding which took place in Kano on the 6th of January, 2018. Hawan Angonci (literally the Groom Mount) is a modern horse-riding performance reminiscent of the ancient royal Durbar of traditional Hausa society. In contemporary Hausa-Fulani society, it is mainly
Maigaskiya Visit to the Children Home
Love under one roof…Securing our children’s future. Our Visit to the Al-ihsan Children’s Home We had the unique opportunity of working with ZMB Homes (a non-profit organization) to visit children of the Al-ihsan Children’s home and showing so much love to the orphans there. With a plan to secure our children’s future, ZMB Homes displayed its
Maigaskiya Fulbekloset Fashion shot
Fashion the Fulbe Way As the saying goes, “You either know fashion or you don’t” and the Fulbekloset team sure know their onions in Fashion. We had so much fun shooting with the Fulbekloset crew for their latest range of wonderful products. Fulbekloset gives their customers the buying power while creating a unique platform for